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EMA Mat 1
The Eagle has landed in Mulgrave!

EMA – Eagle Martial Arts – has moved into our new home in Mulgrave

EMA – Eagle Martial Arts – 6/35 Dunlop Road, Mulgrave VIC

We are very excited to announce that EMA has now moved into, and are close to finishing our new home in Mulgrave VIC.

Our new home consists of three main training floors, two downstairs and one upstairs, as well as room for a beginners/warmup mat, change rooms and even some room for some weights and fitness equipment in the near future.

Our launch date is set at April 19, the start of Term 2. We will be offering Kid’s Martial Arts, Junior and Adult Martial Arts (Hapkido) and Teen/Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

Check out some pics of EMA’s new home here

Mat 1
Mat 2, Change Rooms & Beginner Mat (right)
Mat 3

Watch a walkthrough of EMA’s new location – by our BJJ Coach and Hapkido Sabeomnim, Alex Tse

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Eagle Martial Arts Blog Image
EMA (Eagle Martial Arts) coming soon to Mulgrave!

Eagle Martial Arts Update

After operating Eagle Martial Arts for nearly 20 years, Masters Scott Walters and Alex Tse have once again joined forces and decided to create a permanent home for EMA in Mulgrave VIC.

The syllabus for most classes have been upgraded and improved to be more fun, give more structure to learning and increase every EMA’s student’s ability to learn, improve and reach their goals. 

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