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Learn Effective Self-Defense & Build Confidence at Eagle Martial Arts With Kids Martial Arts!


EMA Junior Marital Arts

Junior Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts | Hapkido | Self-Defence

In the EMA "Junior" program we focus on incorporating Martial Arts skills into a holistic approach to self-defence and personal development.  Our Junior classes incorporate our fantastic “Mat Chat” program with weekly life lessons.  We also teach the children a range of techniques to cope with bullying, such as:

  • Being environmentally aware
  • Verbal tools to deal with bullies
  • Hands on self-defence (control, get to safety)

The results from our Junior Program are amazing, with benefits ranging from confidence, to fitness and health, friendships and goal setting.


If you want to help your child reach their full potential both socially, physically and mentally, then Eagle Martial Arts can help.

Martial arts is and has always been more than just kicking and punching.  Here at EMA, we foster respect, develop loyalty and increase confidence in each of our students, so they have the skills and ability to defend themselves and others.

There are many reasons for starting a Martial Arts program:

  • Your child struggling with their focus and attention
  • You want to build your child's confidence to give them more opportunity at school and beyond
  • You see a natural athlete and would like to nurture that by investing in a program that fosters real life skills
  • Maybe you would like to give your child an outlet to utilise their natural leadership skills
  • Perhaps your child has a lot of pent up energy and needs some guidance on how to deal with it correctly
  • You would like to equip your child with some basic self-defence skills so they feel safe and confident

Whatever your reason, your child will be equipped with the knowledge, physical and mental strength to help them throughout their life journey.

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