I, THE STUDENT (OR GUARDIAN), do hereby apply for membership to Eagle Martial Arts, and certify that all information supplied by me is correct. 

I UNDERSTAND that my tuition is arranged to be made in regular instalments or set term payments in advance and is not affected by my lesson schedule and/or attendance.  Tuition fees will be debited from my account or credit card as per the billing schedule.

I UNDERSTAND two weeks notice and payment for cancellation of direct debits is required on the prescribed form or email. Cancellation will not be accepted by phone or by mail unless on the prescribed form. Paid in full tuition monthly payments can be credited but not refunded. 

I UNDERSTAND that a failure to complete my training does not relieve me of my obligation to pay the tuition in full for that period.

I UNDERSTAND and agree that the school will not be held liable for injuries, damages etc., not caused by or resulting from the negligence of the owners, operators, employees or persons in charge of the establishment.

THE STUDENT hereby represents that he/she is physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction. 

THE STUDENT understands that Martial Arts are a contact sport and assumes the risk of and responsibility for any injury, death or property damage resulting from their participation in the activity.   

 I WILL conduct myself with appropriate behaviour as befitting the values of Eagle Martial Arts, and will faithfully comply with all the rules and regulations of the school and the traditions of the martial arts. 

I UNDERSTAND that as my child is involved in a group activity that their picture may be taken by other parents. I also understand that photographs of the class may be taken for the use of Eagle Martial Arts marketing and advertising.

TUITION FEES: The undersigned agrees to pay training fees to the amount that is required of the enrolled class at the time of enrolment, as well as annual membership fees and grading fees where applicable.